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Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Webinar Archive

Enjoy this selection of some past Alliance webinars. Click each webinar title for more information and to buy.

Upon successfully paying for your order you will receive two emails: one is a confirmation of your order and the other has a link to download a PDF with a link to view the webinar.

Any supplemental materials required for the event, such as workbook pages or other handouts, are available to download from the webinar playback page.

As a reminder: GrantStation is free to Members through Society for Nonprofits, also FREE to members. You can access GrantStation by logging into Society for Nonprofits. This is the only way members can use this benefit. 


Quick-Start Guide to the One-Page Grant Proposal
Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 04/18)

Making Friends with Funders:
What Grantmakers Want Every Grantwriter to Know...Before Submitting a Proposal

Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 04/18)

Building the “Total Value” Proposal Budget: A Step-By-Step Framework for Thinking Differently About What It Takes to Do the Work We Do
Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 07/18)

Power Writing for Grants...and More:
Principles of Clarity and Structure

Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 07/18)

Grants Research...with a Twist:
5 Unconventional Strategies for Finding More 'Sweet-Spot' Funders

Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 10/18)

Inside the Grantmaker's Black Box:
What Really Happens After You Push SUBMIT on Your Proposals?

Members $35, Non-Members $45 (recorded 10/18)

Get to Know GGO - Arizona Guide to Grants Online Training Webinar 
FREE Webinar (recorded 12/15)


Advocacy Basics
Members $19, Non-Members $39 (recorded 03/17)


Role of the Board Chair 
$40 for all 4 webinars (recorded 01/19)

Hit The Ground Running With Your New Board                                                                      FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars 

Building a Rock-Solid Board-CEO Strategic Governing Team                                                          FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars


Special Event Liquor License Dos and Don'ts                                                                  Members $19, Non-Members $39 (recorded 05/18)

Charitable Gaming: Arizona House Rules and Knowing Your Limits
Members $19, Non-Members $39 (recorded 07/18)

Becoming An AZ Charitable Tax Credit Organization
Members $19, Non-Members $39 (recorded 01/18)


Creating a Successful GuideStar Profile 
Members $29, Non-Members $39 (recorded 05/18)

Society for Nonprofits - Nonprofit Tools and Resources
FREE Webinar (recorded 12/18) 

Just Add Humor: How to Live Up Your Marketing                                                                                FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Social Media Planning: Getting the Most Impact with the Least amount of Time                    FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Fundraising and the Next Generation                                                                                                          FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Introduction to Online Storytelling                                                                                            FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars


Credit Card Processing 101
FREE Webinar (recorded 9/17) - Click here for more information about merchant services member savings.

State Unemployment Insurance: Risk and Claims Management 
FREE Webinar (recorded 06/18) - Click here for more information about unemployment insurance member savings.


Nonprofit Unemployment Bootcamp: How to Control Rising HR Costs                                   FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Do Good and Stay Out of Jail: Every Day Ethical Dos and Don'ts                                                FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Diversity and Inclusion - Why Now?                                                                                                            FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars


Tame Care, not Self-Care: Surviving in an Era of Burnout                                                      FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars
Thinking Strategically, Setting Goals, and Taking Action                                                                FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Collective Leadership: What is It Important, and How Can You Build Capacity for it?                      FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars

Collective Impact: What Does it Mean for Me?                                                                      FREE for Members - Non-Member ($79) - Society for Nonprofits Webinars


2019 Arizona Gives Webinar Training Series 

This webinar series can assist interested or registered organization by answering most of their questions. Click on a link below to view the recording. 

Webinar 1:  Social Media Basics & Best Practices

Webinar 2:  Registering / Re-Enrolling & Managing Your Profile (recording coming soon)

Webinar 3: Marketing Strategies and Tips for Planning A Successful Gives Day Campaign

Webinar 4:  All About Donations 

Webinar 5: What Happens After Arizona Gives Day and Throughout the Year

Webinar 6: Cultivating Donor Relationships After Arizona Gives Day Download Handout HERE.

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