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Wine Pulls are back on the menu for nonprofit fundraisers in Arizona.

Monday, May 1, 2017   (0 Comments)
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At the beginning of this legislative session, a member of the Alliance brought an issue to the Nonprofit Policy Council regarding fundraisers that involved wine pulls. Nonprofits were finding that hotels and resorts were not allowing them to hold wine pulls as fundraisers. If you are not familiar with wine pulls, bottles of wine are donated to the cause. Individuals then donate a set amount of money and then "pull" an anonymous bottle of wine that could be worth the donated amount, or more.  

The Policy Council asked our lobbyist, Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs, to look into the issue. After meeting with the Department of Liquor, it was determined that a statutory change was needed. Goodman Schwartz worked with the liquor industry to include the fix into an omnibus bill making its way through the legislature.  
HB 2337 was recently signed by the Governor with the needed fix to allow wine pulls as a fundraiser for nonprofits. The Alliance would like to thank the liquor industry and Rep. Jeff Weninger for their assistance.
In the coming months, the Alliance will be working with the Department of Liquor to hold training events so that nonprofits whose fundraising tools may include auctions and pulls involving liquor, will understand the requirements needed to hold those types of fundraisers.

Click Here to learn more about the Nonprofit Policy Council and how you can get involved.

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