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The More Women Donate, The Happier They Are

Friday, October 27, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kathleen Thomas
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The More Women Donate, The Happier They Are

By Melissa Wylie | Oct. 18, 2017
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The more money women give to charitable organizations and causes, the happier they are, according to new research from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute.

The Women Give 2017 study shows that single women who donate more than 2 percent of their income feel more satisfied in life. In households where women influence charitable decision making, families are happier than those in households where men make decisions, or where couples make decisions separately, according to the research.

“This study adds to the understanding that when women drive charitable giving, there is a higher boost in happiness for the entire family,” WPI director Debra Mesch said.

WPI used data from the Philanthropy Panel Study within the Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan. For the Women Give report, WPI analyzed responses from 10,735 people who were asked about their charitable giving and asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale of one to five.

Men and women donors had a combined happiness score of 3.95, compared to 3.75 for non-donors. While women feel better when they give more money, the research shows men get their happiness boost when they first donate regardless of amount.

Single women donors who give more than 2 percent of their income had a happiness score of 3.75, compared to 3.63 for women who give less than two percent. Single men who donate more than 2 percent had a score of 3.66, compared to 3.64 for men who give less than 2 percent.

Women Give 2017 was released Tuesday at the Foundation for the Carolinas in Charlotte, N.C. Local leaders in philanthropy spoke about how the research reflects the positive effects of charitable giving in their own lives and how nonprofits can use the data to boost fundraising.

Melissa Bodford, cofounder of mobile giving platform uBack, said her parents emphasized the importance of giving back and, as a result, she and her twin sister developed a strong passion for philanthropy.  

Bodford said the research can help nonprofits engage young people by explaining that donations have a purpose beyond supplying material items. Millennials are more likely to donate when they can see the impact their gifts will have, The New York Times reported.

A recent study from the Institute of Fundraising found that women are more likely than men to donate to and support charities. In the past 12 months, 54 percent of women told the Institute of Fundraising they had given to a charity, compared to 40 percent of men.

Charlotte City Council Member Carlenia Ivory said WPI’s research will help nonprofits and foundations understand how to best reach men and women individually. Nonprofits should focus on converting non-donor men into donors while encouraging women donors to give more.

“Nonprofits need to make sure who they’re soliciting, who they’re targeting, and they need to cater to what makes them feel good,” Ivory said.

Click Here for the original article from bizwomen


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