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Six Ways Personalization Helps Organizations Reach Donors

Friday, October 6, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kathleen Thomas
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Six Ways Personalization Helps Organizations Reach Donors
Forbes Nonprofit Council | Sep. 19, 2017
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These days it’s all about personalization, from personalized email marketing to personal shopping recommendations from merchants. Customization is key when it comes to reaching consumers online. Nonprofits aren’t exempt from this level of direct customer service, with as much as 86% of consumers responding that personalization plays a part in their purchasing decision, according to a report by Infosys.

As nonprofit organizations look to reach more donors, they need to keep this customized approach in mind. Below, six members of Forbes Nonprofit Council discuss the ways these personalized messages can work to your organization’s advantage. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Donors Want Personalized Information

We are seeing a preference for personalized contact that acknowledges donors' unique contributions and interests as to why they are working with our organization. This has led us to work on that strategy to address those customized content needs. - Gloria Horsley, Open to Hope

2. Information Needs To Align With Consumers' Interests

Gen-X and millennials have become used to personalized opportunities streamed to them. Most nonprofits are used to communicating organizationally or in larger media pushes. What we need to do is to become nimble and innovative enough to take a page from Amazon, Google, etc. by utilizing user data to drive information to consumers that align with their interests. - Blake Pang, Spokane County United Way


3. Targeted Messaging That's Truly Engaging

There are three ways: 1. Highly targeted messaging. One must start with a multi-dimensional segmentation analysis to first identify the specific people that you are targeting. 2. It is critical to then tailor very specifically the messaging into a soundbite lesson of six words tops. 3. When we communicate in the channel to that person, we ensure we watch and listen. - Rosemarie Truman, The Center for Advancing Innovation

4. Modern Media Demands Multiple Messaging

In today's climate, one message will communicate well to one constituency group, while another is needed for alternate groups -- even more true as cultural and political polarization increases. The challenge is that in today's world of easy access to social media and the like, those differing targeted messages mustn't contradict each other. Every message must be crafted with care. - Roy Speckhardt, American Humanist Association

5. Customization Plays A Role In Goal Development

We designed a procedure for individuals to come up with their own plan of how they want their contribution to be spent. For example, for a construction project, donors get the opportunity to input their creativity into the decorations and the setting. - Kevin Xu, Human Heritage Project

6. Savvy Marketing Leads To Relevant Connections

In the hospitality industry, a personalized touch is highly valued. Knowing that we make concerted efforts to customize our marketing and education materials to make relevant connections for our current members, and for those who are just getting to know us and what we can do to help them. - Chip Rogers, Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)

Click Here for the original article from Forbes Nonprofit Council

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