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Project Profile / Planning Worksheet
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Funder Tracking Worksheet: Adobe PDF or Word DOC format.


The "Funding Contact Information Form and Tracking Sheet" helps you keep track of the telephone conversations, in-person visits or other contacts you have with program officers at the corporations or foundations with which you're working.

Using the Worksheet:

You'll want to begin a new tracking sheet each time you contact a potential funder for the first time. Then simply keep a record of your future contacts on that same sheet. Some people like to staple a copy of the tracking sheet to the front of a file folder, then use the folder to hold additional materials about that particular funder. Others prefer to keep their tracking sheets in a big notebook, organized alphabetically for quick reference.

Purpose of Contact: 
Filling this section out before you make a call or visit forces you to be very clear about what you are looking for through the contact. Corporate and foundation program staff are very busy people. They will appreciate the fact that you know exactly why you're calling and can communicate your needs clearly and quickly.

What was said? What's going to happen next? What did you find out? Keep a record of these details in this section for your ready reference.

Action Needed:
Is there something you need to do to follow up on or as a result of this contact? Do you need to make another phone call? Write a letter? Talk to a colleague? Get more information? Schedule an item for your board agenda? This section will help you track the specific steps, actions or communications you need to take next.

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