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Master Budget Planning Checklist and Worksheet
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Budget Planning Checklist: Adobe PDF or Word DOC format.


The Master Budget Planning Checklist & Worksheet serves two important purposes:

  • First, it is a planning and management tool to guide you in developing and ultimately implementing a successful grant-funded project or program; and
  • Second, it becomes a source document that you will draw from over and over again as you prepare budget forms for specific grant applications.

A program budget should reflect the total value of all the resources required to successfully achieve your intended outcomes – in other words, to do what you say you want to do. The Master Budget Planning Checklist & Worksheet helps you build your project budget from the bottom up, making sure you include the value of all necessary resources and aren’t overlooking any key items.

Using the Worksheet

The Master Budget should be as detailed as you can make it. Later, you’ll be pulling selected information from it for your specific grant applications, in accordance with the guidelines of your funders. To work with this form, simply go through the Checklist & Worksheet line by line and ask yourself: “Is this item a necessary resource for achieving our intended outcomes?” If the answer is “no,” then cross the item off – you won’t include it. If the answer is “yes,” then fill in the blanks across the worksheet.

  • Item and Description/Calculations: Self-explanatory.
  • Match: Enter the dollar value that reflects the actual cash value or fair-market value of all resources that are already committed to your project. This includes volunteers; donated equipment and materials; cash from other sources; partner resources; furniture you already own; etc.
  • Grant Funds: This reflects the value of resources (cash or non-cash) that you don’t yet have committed to the project – in other words, that you are seeking through grants and other fundraising.
  • Total Resources: This column shows the total of “Match” and “Grant Funds” – in other words, the total value of each resource.

Master Proposal Budget Summary

Use this sheet to carry forward summary information from your detailed budget, and also to capture information about anticipated sources of funds to support your program or project.

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